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Mr/Miss Crescendo 2018

Updated: May 24, 2019

Mr Crescendo & Miss Crescendo Competition is one of our annual competition. Through variety competitions to select a few students that will represent DAS. It aims to build the students’ confidence and providing them an opportunity to practice their English.

In the first round, the student has to do a presentation in front of all DAS students. The topic was "Why should I be the Mr / Miss Crescendoair?". Then, it will followed by a random question session. 8 candidates was selected based on judges' opinion & DAS students' vote to enter the Finale that will be held on CRESCENDO AIRCREW NIGHT 2018.

In the finale, the 8 Mr/Miss Crescendo Air candidates were requested to make a performance on the stage of CRESCENDO AIRCREW NIGHT 2018, with an aim to show their charisma. Some of them were dancing, some of them were singing and even rapping. Then, it is followed by a random question session.


They were given different titles on the night.

- Miss Crescendo Air – JEON EUNBEEN

- Miss Communicater – KIM YENA

- Mr Confidence – GOW JIA LE

- Miss Smile – PARK MINJI

- Miss Popular – MA JIEUN

- Miss Appearance – LEE NAEUN

- Miss Diligence - CARRLY NG

- Miss Elegant – PARK BOKYOUNG

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