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Team Building 2018

Updated: May 27, 2019

On 30th November 2018, DAS student council hosted a successful “Team Building Event” that created lasting memories. This was a great opportunity to create unity, engagement, and fun among students by incorporating a mix of information activities and entertainments. They found tons of creative solutions to problems, worked to each other’s strengths, and drove innovation in many ways.

After the activities, we had everybody involved in a Barbecue session to challenge their culinary skills, worked together as a team and complete the team-building activities. That was a perfect time for students to strike up a conversation and enjoy delicious aromas. The sparkling golden hues of the fire, the crackling sound and laughs, the relaxed atmosphere allowed students to reduce stress and to be themselves.

Heartiest appreciation to everyone who had reinvigorated to the event and given a helping hand on that night.

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