Besides the academic knowledge and practical in classroom, we believe that it is important for our students to explore to the real industry environment. With this aim, we have visited a few airline companies's training academy. Our students manage to experience various type of training including the actual flight attendant training, safety programme, and soft skills training etc. Through these pieces of training, the student will be able to experience the service crews training that is specially designed according to various airlines company’s requirements. So then, these experiences will become an advantage for them to perform better in any airline recruitment interview in the future.

November 2019

DAS made our second visit to Etihad Aviation Training in Abu Dhabi this year. It is a one-day training program focusing on safety training. The training includes ditching, turbulence practical, equipment, fire and smoke practical operated in a cabin and more. Our students and Etihad instructors took this safety training seriously as they treat passengers’ safety first and foremost.

Etihad Flight College

July 2019

Our DAS students have visited the CAE Training Centre and have enjoyed and learned a lot from the training. They were trained on, water survival, slide raft management and maneuvering for wet drill, as well as firefighting training, emergency evacuation and slide drills. The students have now gained a comprehensive knowledge of what and how to deal with emergency situations through this fun and educative visit.


January 2019

Faculty of Airline Services had visited Etihad Aviation Training centre for the second time as the last time we visited here was a year ago. This one-day tour enables the students to experience the demonstration by actual cabin crew instructors, hands-on equipment, and some practical activities by using their mock-up facilities. This training aims to enable our students to expand the students' insight with regards to the actual aviation training and foretaste the actual cabin crew training.


January 2019

Throughout the tour, the college staffs brought the students around the college and introduced them about the culture of the company and training facilities. It was such a great exposure as Emirates Aviation College is one the best Airline companies around the globe. By exposing this to our students, they will become more passionate in building their career in becoming cabin crew. Our students were given few days of free and easy schedule to visit the attractions they are interested.


December 2018

What a fantastic Cabin Familiarization Tour that DAS students had experienced over the last few days! ✨⭐️This training aims to enable students to experience various kind of cabin crew's training, understand the importance of teamwork and to motivate them to study hard in the Diploma in Airline Services. 😉Heartiest appreciation for the warm welcome and assistance from the instructors of the Malaysia Airlines Academy ! ❤️✈️


March 2018

A group of 40 students visited CAE Kuala Lumpur in March 2018. CAE Kuala Lumpur Training Center is the official training center for Air Asia Cabin Crew. It was a one day field trip where the students able to experience some of the actual cabin crew trainings including wet drill and door training. With this training experience, our students are motivated to be more passionate to work in the cabin crew industry.


January 2018

In January 2018, 20 students of Diploma in Airline Services visited the Etihad Flight College at Abu Dhabi to experience the cabin crew training. We would like to express our thankfulness to the instructors from the Etihad Flight College for welcoming us warmly and also assisting us throughout the training field trip. In addition, our students also visited to a few attractions at Dubai and Abu Dhabi such as Burj Khalifa, Ferrari World and desert


November 2017

During the semester break in October, we visited to Malaysia Airline Training Academy (MABA). Our students completed the Cabin Service Training & Safety Emergency Drill in MABA. It was a fun experience where students able to experience the professional, unique and outstanding training programme of Malaysia Airline. Students also managed to interact with the instructors to understand their experience as a cabin crews in Malaysia Airline.


April 2017

Education tour is a part of practical learning. Our students got the best opportunity to explore more on cabin crew training. On the third week of April we brought our students for training in Garuda Airlines. It was a pleasant journey of training in Garuda Indonesia Training Centre (GITC). Our students successfully completed the Experiential Learning Program for flight attendant which involve of Safety and Emergency Procedure, Ditching and Terrain Evacuation conducted in GITC.






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