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Etihad Aviation Training

Updated: May 24, 2019

On 16th January 2019, 36 of Diploma in Airline Services students visited Etihad Aviation Training. It was the second visit of Crescendo International College – Airline Services Faculty to the Training Centre. The training tour aims to enable the students to explore the initial training of cabin crew and expand their insights about the airline services theory and practical knowledge.

It was a one-day cabin crew training where our students not only visiting the training centre but they had opportunity to hands-on the facilities that are available in the training centre. Some of the activities included for students were door training, equipment briefing and demonstrations. Besides, the students did some of the cabin crew training practical activities including turbulence practical, fire and smoke practical and ditching.

After the training, our students visited Abu Dhabi city and Ferrari World before heading back to Malaysia.

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