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Desaru Team-Building 2017

Updated: May 24, 2019

In October 2017, we went to Desaru for our “MT” field trip. The aim of the Desaru trip is to help the freshman students become accustomed to campus life. Students visited the beaches, played a lots of team building game, had a meat-fest (barbecue) and sat around the campfire.

Did you know that, according to Korean Culture, Membership Training (MT) is an important event for freshman when they first entered the college. The aim of MT is to enable the students to be familiar with their seniors and classmate, and also adapt to the new college environment.

In DAS, we adopt the culture as most of our students are international students. This kind of activity enable them to be familiar with one another and also with the local classmate. Besides, our another aim of the Desaru trip is to create teamwork spirit among the students as it is one of the important in aviation industry.

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