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Programme Overview

The course structure of Diploma in Airline Services is specially designed to enable the student to learn the knowledge in a comprehensive way. The students are required to learn the theory in textbook and classroom, complete assessment (including mid-term examination, presentation and assignment), and final examination.

Intake: April | September


Airline Services Knowledge


Students’ core subjects will be focused on the airline services knowledge. The subject structure is designed according to the demand of the aviation industry where the students can learn the hard skill and the soft skill.

  • Professional Grooming & Etiquette

  • In-Flight Service and Catering

  • Introduction to the Airline Industry

  • Safety and Emergency Procedure


In the era of globalization, multi-lingual ability could become an advantage in customer service industry. Hence, students have the opportunity to learn English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean in Diploma in Airline Service.

  • Japanese / Chinese  / Korean for Beginners

  • Japanese / Chinese  / Korean for Service Industry

  • English for Airline Service

  • Academic English


Students will be learning skills as part of their core subjects to enable them to learn the necessary techniques that will be required in airline industry

  • Life Saving Skills

  • Personal Development Skills

Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum (MPU)

MPU subjects are requested by Malaysia Government for all tertiary education students including local and international students. It is to ensure that the students will be able to adapt multi-cultural environment.

  • Pengajian Malaysia (U1)

  • Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi (U1)

  • Communication Skills (U2)

  • Comparative Religion (U3)

  • Teamwork-Cohesion Development (U4)

  • Bahasa Kebangsaan

Industrial Training 

The aim of the industrial training is to enable the students to explore to the real environment of customer service industry. Students are required to complete within 4-6 months of industrial training at related industry.

Academic Pathway
Academic Pathway-EN.png

In this programme, the students need to wear the cabin crew uniform during the lessons.

new uniform-01.png
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