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Micro-Credentials in Airline Services

Ringkasan Program

A micro-credential is defined as digital certification of assessed knowledge, skills and competencies in a specific area or field which can be a component of an accredited programme or stand-alone courses supporting the professional, technical, academic and personal development of the learners. This definition underscores several key elements of micro-credential under this guideline viz;
a. Digital certification
b. Knowledge skills or competency
c. A specific area or field
d. Component of accredited programmes or stand-alone courses
e. Serves professional, technical, academic, and personal development interests of learners. 




The Micro-Credentials (MCs) courses are specially designed to fit the demanded skillset, technique, and knowledge required in the airline services industry. The MCs course aims to increase the competency and versatility of learners.

Siapa yang cocok?

The MCs is suitable for you if you are looking to achieve

  • Academic Development 

  • Personal And Professional Development 

Intake: January | April | September

Mode of Delivery

Conventional or Open and Distance Learning (ODL) 


7 minggu atau 11 minggu

Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements for Stand-Alone Micro-Credential course: 
Minimum age: 18 years old 

Other Requirements: 

  • Minimum Height

    • Male: 170cm​

    • Female: 158cm (or arm-reach 212cm) 

  • Physically fit 

  • No visible scars or tattoos 

  • Passed interview session 

    • Candidates are required to confirm the date of the interview by contacting the Airline Services Faculty.  ​

*Upon completion, the credits of the micro-credential course can be transferred to Diploma in Airline Services if the candidate meets the minimum entry requirements for our Diploma Programme

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