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Crescendo's Korean Language Class (CKLC) 

#Korean class with fun activities.
#Meet native Koreans here!

Programme Overview

K-pop, Korean TV dramas, and fashion are now becoming world trends. With the Korean phenomenon spreading across the world, learning the Korean language has become a trend as well. Quite a number of people are now moving out of Korea to migrate to other countries, whereas those from other countries are moving into Korea for better opportunities. This exchange has led industries to open their doors to the possibilities of a multicultural and bilingual workforce. 

This programme is a 12 weeks short course specifically designed for those who are interested in Korean language. After finishing the course, the students will be able to communicate in basic Korean in routine and non-routine situations.

Intake: January | April | September

Course Highlight

FUN activities with native Korean students.

Our Korean language program provides students with a balanced mix of academic and co-curricular activities. We have a variety of activities that help you understand the culture while learning the language. You even get to practice the language with the young native Korean students.

Example of activities: 

1.      Making Korean Food 한국 음식 만들기

2.      Hanbok Experience 한복 입기

3.      Traditional Game 전통 놀이

4.      Names Writing 이름 쓰기

5.      Korean Song 한국 노래


Our students have the chance to join Study Tour twice a year at an affordable price.

Admission Contact


Phone: (+60)7 861 0876

WhatsApp 011-13052008


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