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Korean Speaking Contest

Updated: May 27, 2019

Korean Speaking Contest was held on 11 & 12 July 2018. It is a compulsory competition for all locals student who have attended the Korean Classes.

The topics are:

  • April 2017 Intake: The country you wish to travel and why

  • April 2018 Intake: Something you like about Korea/ Korean Culture

The winners of the Korean Speaking Contest are:

April 2017 Intake

- 1st Winner: Tan Jing Rui

- 2nd Winner: Kelvin Lim Hong Soon

- 3rd Winner: Chan Yi Lin

April 2018 Intake

- 1st Winner: Liew Zi Yao

- 2nd Winner: Gow Jia Le

- 3rd Winner: Vyshanawe A/P Pannirselvam

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